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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tabletop Gaming: Part 9

There was once a miniatures company known as I-Kore. It produced a line of paints and a fantasy and sci-fi system. The fantasy game Celtos was actually good. It carried a strong world theme, set entirely within a Celtic world with druids and warriors. This is the type of theme modeling that was used by Crocodile Games in WarGods. Even the dwarfs, elves and undead had an ancient Scottish / Irish look. You can still find many of the models at local hobby stores or even online stores like Brigade Models and Fantization.

The second system I-Kore used to make was called Void 1.1. This sci-fi skirmish game was nothing extraordinary. The aliens were neat but the humans only so-so. Void did have some nice vehicle models however. These include wheeled assault vehicles, motorcycles, alien monsters with gun turrets strapped to their back and robots of various sizes. Void also made a lot of miscellanea in miniature scale, things like oil drums and walls that could be used for cover. Collectors and painters should consider picking up some minis just to have bits to swipe from.

Ah, but where was I? Oh yes, I-Kore closed shop and was sold to Urban Mammoth. The new company scaled-back Celtos and dropped Void. Scotia Grendel picked up Void and continues to produce the minis. Urban Mammoth's new system is a sci-fi skirmish game called Urban War. So far I like the factions being pitted against each other. Yes the Asian faction is a little stereotypical but overall the miniatures are good sculpts. The larger combat system derived from this is called Metropolis. Metropolis is still a work in progress but the miniatures for it are being previewed. I'm keeping my eye on this system, the robot miniatures look like fun. When Metropolis drops I'll be sure to check it out and let you know.

Seeing as how this blog is turning out shorter than I expected, let me drop a few more links and sci-fi systems on you guys.

Alpha Forge Games has a system called Star Mogul. Their system looks average, their humans look like watered-down space marines and their aliens decent but some of their robot miniatures are off the hook! Check out their Asteroid Miners and their Wardroids. They also make vehicles and bits to spruce up terrain. Modelers should check these guys out.

Aberrant Games is getting into the sci-fi genre with a system called Rezolution. Later this month they will also look into the fantasy genre with Dungeoneer. So far I like the cyberpunk look of Rezolution. They have cyber ninjas, Halo-looking soldiers, mechanical abominations and Future Catholic Soldiers? Well, at least they are using their imagination. Let's keep an eye on this and see where it goes.

Okay so let's say that you are thinking about getting into tabletop gaming but everything I've shown you is too advanced or too time consuming. What are these click-figures you've been reading about? Find out tomorrow!

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